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My Sticker Collection Rally Emotion

the one and only sticker album on iPad! Collect the stickers of the cars that made the recent history of the World Rally Championship. Four worlds to explore:

  • Water
  • Dirt
  • Asphalt
  • Snow


High definition pictures made by Rally Emotion, a professional crew which has been following the World Rally Championship for years. Re-discover the sticker album experience, third Millennium style. Flip through the pages, unwrap the packets, glue the stickers, exchange your double stickers: everything as it is supposed to be, but digital and interactive! You think you know all about Rally racing? Can you tell one driver from the other? And the model and make of each car? A series of quiz questions will test your abilities. Every new packet is a new challenge waiting for you. And when you finish the collection, you can unlock the special content, prepared just for you!



  • 4 worlds
  • 224 stickers
  • receiving and opening of sticker packets
  • positioning, unwrapping and attaching the stickers
  • 3 special stickers: Spy, Joker, Replace
  • Index: verify your completion status and fast access to the pages
  • Kiosk: exchange your game credit with new packets or buy new packets
  • Basket: unwrap your packets and answer the quiz questions
  • Market: exchange your stickers with the virtual community of players all around the word
  • Bank: sell your double stickers and get the ones you’re really looking for
  • Bonus: discover new ways to get playing credit
  • Achievements: check your results and progress
  • Tutorial: when the game is first loaded, you’ll be followed step by step to discover the game functions
  • Guide: check the guide section anytime during the game
  • Tutor: tips to advance in the game
  • pictures: High Definition, full screen feature of stickers
  • special contents at album completion

My Sticker Collection Rally Emotion Unwrap, glue and have fun… it’s free!